Hello There!

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Hi, My name is Sarah Mae E. Maglaya, Filipino,  a 4th yr. student, trying to survive my premed course. So this personal blog is all about me , my life, med stuffs. Actually this is my first time doing this kind of stuff and I think I will enjoy this.

I just want to share my thoughts and make memories that’s why I have decided to enter this world. I’m a kind of person which is not good at things just like writing, showing my creativeness , talking, telling stories but has a lot of imagination I can’t bring it out. I am afraid to be rejected and to make mistakes but at least now I am trying to include myself to others and trying a lot of new things . I want to face those kinds of fears and make a choice for myself. Sabe nga sa nabasa ko Face Everything And Rise”

So, today gusto ko hasain sarili ko sa pagbabasa, sa pagsusulat at sa pagshashare ng mga thoughts ko. . Kahit trying hard ako ngayon , mag papaka blogger kuno muna ako hahahahaha !

Enjoy mo lang to Meng ! :))